Connection to
Nestor's Office at Home

If you only see:
Date & Time

then the video link is running, but the Camera is Off. Otherwise you are simply seeing live video of whomever is working on my terminal, (it could also be my kids or sometimes a video link to a television monitor if I'm watching StarTrek in a small window on my terminal while working in office).

If the image comes up with a blank or black screen then don't worry, it just means that the Camera is off while, a broken image icon means that the local video software is not running. Obviously in both these cases no video will be broadcast.

It will normally take about minute for the initial image to appear, while the software initializes the links. The images will appear centered in a frame just below this text.

The image update rate will depend upon the speed of your link as well as your browser software. The time stamp on the image shows the current date & time. You can judge your connection speed and download times from the values shown by how often the time changes. If you are accessing this site using a modem line, do not expect to see anything that approaches real time. All video links are limited to a maximum of 5 minutes of refreshing, then the software disables updates.