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Sorry, but the ASEM is off-line for repairs. The Video Feed below is from the AAEM Lab

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Video Image Update Limited to 5 Minutes!

A Web Camera Image of the Current Operator is shown above, typically it will take about a minute for the system to startup. If the image is blank, then the camera is turned off, on the other hand if a broken icon is displayed then the on-line video software is off-line. The image update rate will vary with the speed of your link and traffic on the network.

The automatically updating image on this page is served by a PowerMac running WebCamToo and may be slow because of the platform and other functions it is implementing. The only function of this Web Cam image is to let you peek into the microscope room and view a continuously updated room view. This is in contrast to the other images which are accessed by various TPM selection buttons sometimes visible at the top or bottom of your screen. Those images are automatically updated at varying intervals depending upon the nature of the work going on in the Collaboratory and use my own (slower, but higher resolution) implementation of a Web Camera system. Full Login and high speed video imaging and remote control operation of the instrumentation in this room is handled using a Sun Sparc Station, running the ANL TPM software which is not ready for release to the public (but will be).

If Someone is working in the lab you can try to TeleConference with them at:

IP = (ASEM site) or (MultiCast Site) using Cu-SeeMe

Images on this site will change if work is in progress, otherwise you will just see the local room view...

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